Google Nexus Tablet Coming in Six Months

Nexus Tablet will be the first tablet from Google 

nexus tablet

Google executive, Eric Schmidt whether intentionally or not, mention that Google plans to market “high end” tablet within six months ahead, when interviewed an Italian newspaper. It is unclear as to what products will be released tablet what Google within a half years into the future.

Although Schmidt does not mention these tablets will bear the name of the Nexus, but the rumors surrounding the tablet is already crowded dealt Nexus since March 2011.

Is Schmidt mean Nexus tablet ? There was no definite answer. Only, this latest Google tablet is definitely not going to run the Android Honeycomb, but latest version, the Ice Cream Sandwich.

In the interview, Schmidt also cites the words of Steve Jobs who mentioned that “It is time to realize the  potential revolutionary tablet”. Schmidt interviews and statements are only owned by the newspaper Corriere della Sera that are not written in English so that the media are quoting in English just write this important  Schmidt statement.

Even so, Google’s statement is sure to be more spur “battle” with the new Apple iPad has had. In addition, Google also has prepared Majel, search engines use a similar sound with Apple’s Siri.

Schmidt also explained that Google has spent quite a long time to build up Majel software has better voice recognition.

Will Google Nexus tablet would really come, we wait for its development.

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