Golden Dreams Release Luxury iPhone 4s

Luxury iPhone 4s is a smartphone with a high class material layer casing.

Luxury iPhone 4s
Luxury iPhone 4s

Luxury mobile phone still has its own market, which of course the rich. This time Golden Dreams, a luxury goods company based in Switzerland, recently announced the ‘expensive’ Luxury iPhone 4s edition.

Luxury iPhone 4s 64GB  will be displayed in a fancy outfit. There are five options, with a material layer cover/casing, which is certainly high class. Two Desert editions that adopt crocodile skins, Gold edition appeared clad in 24K and 18K gold coating. And the Diamond edition, which can ‘hold’ up to 4057 expensive stones on the rear body section.

Obviously price that is labeled for the Luxury iPhone 4s from Golden Dreams is relatively exorbitant. Luxury iPhone 4s for Desert edition priced from a range $ 2172, while for the Gold edition is about $ 2346. Meanwhile, Diamond version priced according to consumer demand, which will probably be associated with a number of gemstones that will be attached on their iPhone 4s body.

When we look at the price offered, as well as consumers who will buy it surely can not just expect the iPhone 4s as a communication device. But it certainly was for another essence, such a lifestyle. Because of that Luxury iPhone 4S released.

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