Is this the Figure of Samsung Galaxy S IV ?

Samsung Galaxy S IV video appearance showing the figure of Galaxy S IV concept that looks so attractive

Samsung Galaxy S IV

Rumors related to Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone succession more louder to blows. And, not long ago was appear a video appearance, which describes the mobile phone that mentioned would hold the name of Samsung Galaxy S IV. Is this true ?

In the 1:42 minute video¬†duration, which is uploaded by Rozetked indeed there were Samsung Galaxy S IV visibilities. Only it’s limited to fiction only, but the concept for the Galaxy S IV, still looks attractive.

Based on that video, there is a hope for the Samsung Galaxy S IV which has the specifications like the  rumors that was circulated over the years. With 2 GHz quad-core  Exynos CPU, 5-inch Super AMOLED full HD screen display (on that video called as Grand AMOLED) without bezel, 13 MP camera, Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Operating System and laser keyboard dock.

All these advanced features are packed in an ultra slim body, which will be thinner than the Galaxy S III and iPhone 5. In that video stated that the Galaxy S IV Smartphones  mentioned will have a type GT-i9500 series.

Although merely a concept, the imagination of the mobile phone that is the Galaxy S III successor seems so perfect and so fascinating. How about  if this will be a Samsung Galaxy S IV real picture ?  We wait for the next circulating information.

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