Facts, iPhone 5 Not a Slimmest Smartphone

iPhone 5 still less thin compared to Motorola Razr XT909, Droid Razr, and Razr XT910

iPhone 5 Apple’s iPhone 5 has been officially published to the presence of global community. This smartphone is the iPhone 4S successor, which has the body concept is not much different from its senior. Only here, it describes has the advantage of 4 inch high resolution retina display, latest processors, and chipset, which deliver speed and 2x better performance.

However, there is little need to be clarified about the Senior Vice President of Apple Global Marketing presentation, Phil Schiller, as the official introduction of the iPhone 5, which describes the latest generation iPhone as the world’s thinnest smartphone. In fact, as we know there are other smartphones that have a slimmer body formation.

As what is written in the Strategy Analytics research firm official blog, which says that Apple claims is not true. In the market there are circulating some smartphones that are thinner than 7.6 mm owned by iPhone 5. Strategy Analytics notes that there are three smartphone with 7.1 mm thickness it is Motorola RAZR XT909, Motorola DROID RAZR and the Motorola RAZR XT910.

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