Easy Phone Sync, a New Feature from Samsung Flirt iPhone User

Easy Phone Sync is a feature for samsung’s users to transfer data from iPhone to Galaxy

Easy Phone Sync

Not a week a rumor from Apple iPhone maker will embarrass Samsung Galaxy S III. However, Samsung has released a feature that makes the iPhone users will be slightly tempted.

South Korean vendor has just released Easy Phone Sync feature. Samsung mobile phone owners, especially from the Galaxy series (including the Samsung Galaxy S III) will be able to synchronize with Apple iPhone cell phone.

With this feature, users can move (transfer)  from iTunes music, video, podcasts, pictures, text messages and even phone contact in the iPhone to the Galaxy. However, the data must be freely transferable Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Typically, to perform this synchronization is still bit troublesome, especially among Apple’s own devices. Users should continue to use iTunes software to transfer data.

Actually, the Phone Easy Sync feature is only available for Samsung Galaxy users in UK for free. But Samsung users from other countries can also download this feature in Google’s Play for free as well.

Phone Easy Sync feature is the exclusive licensing agreement between Samsung with Mushroom Media Applications. Users can use this feature easily, just a few clicks away, no more than five minutes.

“We are proud to release this new feature and we look forward waiting  a response from the user. We know that iPhone users are not easily persuaded to use Android because they can not use iTunes to organize everything in it. With this feature, all Galaxy mobile phones will be able to enjoy the content in iTunes easily, ” said Samsung’s Telecommunications and Networks UK and Ireland Vice President Simon Stanford.

Easy Phone Sync is also available for PC and Mac users. While  for mobile users, you can download Easy Phone Sync here.

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