Discovered, How to Save Cellphone and Laptop Battery

Cellphone and Laptop Battery can work longer by making changes in WiFi technology.

A student of Duke University, North Carolina, USA under the guidance of assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering managed to find a system that is able to multiply the battery active period on mobile devices.

cellphone and laptop battery

According to Justin Manweiler, student, a system called SleepWell enabled mobile phones and laptops to work longer by making changes in WiFi technology.

Manweiler said the gadget’s energy on cellphone and laptop battery quickly depleted if there is other WiFi enabled devices in the vicinity. In certain cases, each device must be ‘maintained’ before he started the download of information desired.

For example, Manweiler said, when you download a movie in urban areas, the battery will be depleted much faster than if you download the same movie in a quiet farming area.

Software developed by Manweiler solve this problem by enabling mobile devices came into the position of ‘sleep’ when the device around him are still downloading via WiFi. This device not only saves energy, but also other devices that was there.

“Cities face the rush hour and workers come and go at about the same time,” said Manweiler, quoted from MedIndia, July 7, 2011. “If working hours more flexible, firms can change the working hours and reduce overcrowding in peak hours. By reducing the density, it will be more free time even though the number of hours worked remained the same,” he said.

Sistem SleepWell yang dikembangkan Manweiler dipresentasikan di ajang Conference on Moblie Systems, Applications and Services yang digelar oleh Association for Computing Machinery di Washington D.C.

Reference: Vivanews

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