BlackBerry Z10 Official Photos Leaked

BlackBerry Z10 Official Photos that leaked look quite attractive and elegant

BlackBerry Z10 Official Photos

BlackBerry 10 platform made by RIM’s will be officially introduced on January 30th, 2013. Along with the coming of ‘D’ days, some leaked information regarding to the platform and devices based on a BlackBerry 10 operating system more widely circulated. One is related device being touted will come with BlackBerry Z10 labels.

This time it was leaked from BlackBerry Z10 official photos, uploaded by @ evleaks. Sure, from the leaked photo is not much that we can comment related to the materials to be used, remembering the limited appearance design. However, it appears that the BlackBerry Z10 would look quite attractive and elegant.

Blackberry Z10

More curious ? Well, we wait official release in the next few days.

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