BlackBerry Services Can’t Be Used Because a Bug On Server

BlackBerry services can not be used in Africa, Middle East, and Europe Because a bug on server

BlackBerry users in some parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Europe can not enjoy the typical BlackBerry services from 11:00 am Monday.

BlackBerry services

According to The Telegraph, mentioned there is a ‘bug’ on the server of Research In Motion (RIM) in Slough, England. It said as the cause of the BlackBerry services disruption affecting to its users.

RIM itself has not been issued a statement related to this issue.

“There is a problem with the BlackBerry services at the moment,” said a representative of T-Mobile in Britain, as quoted form BGR.

Not only that, Batelco, a wireless operator based in Bahrain issued a statement confirming that the BlackBerry services ‘has come out’ in his country, and gave an explanation that these issues are now being handled by service providers of BlackBerry in Canada.

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