BlackBerry A10 Will Be Targeted by Gamers?

Blackberry A10 expected will become a superior device for playing games

BlackBerry A10 for gamers

BlackBerry reportedly will release a smartphone with bigger screen and more powerful, the BlackBerry A10. According to a report quoted by the BGR site, the BlackBerry A10 will come with a 5-inch screen with Super AMOLED display. The smartphone seen at glance similar to Samsung Galaxy S IV smartphones.

BlackBerry A10 is powered by a dual-core processor and 2 GB RAM. But, BlackBerry reportedly still working on quad-core processors in order to be have more durable battery.

With the changes in processor, it also expected that the BlackBerry A10 will become a superior device for playing games. BlackBerry plans when it launched later, A10 comes with a high capability gaming devices. Although currently still not available games library on that device.

BlackBerry A10 touted to be launched in November 2013. A10 smartphone will be the last of a BlackBerry 10 phones line for 2013.

BlackBerry has been working hard to overcome the smartphone competition in the cell phone market. BlackBerry improvise A10 as a gaming phone may not be enough, but at least it will make the Blackberry A10 equivalent to the other smartphones.

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