Apple Use Rubber Materials in iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 will use rubber materials at the edge of the front panel of the phone

iphone 5
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Rumors about the next-generation design of Apple’s smartphone, the iPhone 5 continues rolling. Once rumored to be having a 4 inch screen size, the successor of  iPhone 4 is talked about using wrapped with a rubber material.

As quoted from BGR, the iPhone 5 is being planned using components from rubber or soft plastic kind. This material is similar to materials used as bumpers or phone casing

However, these materials will only be used at the edge of the front panel of the phone. Models like this never applied to the iPhone 3G. The application of this material will have two functions.

First, the rubber material will cover the edge of the front panel and become one with the back of the phone is the possibility of using aluminum materials. Second, this material will also cover the antennas located around the mobile phone.

The new redesign allows Apple to make the back of the iPhone 5 made ​​of aluminum without need to add plastic to protect the antenna. This design is ever implemented in iPad 2 WiFi and iPad 3G.

True or not will be known at the time when iPhone 5 launched. The exact date of launch is not yet clear. Previously, the iPhone 5 was rumored to be launched on October 4th, 2011. Apparently, on the date Apple just launched the iPhone 4S.

One day after the launch of the iPhone 4S, Steve Jobs died from his cancer. Maybe the Jobs condition became one of the factors to cancel the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5.

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