Apple iPhone is Using Gorilla Glass ?

Apple iPhone Display Screen Glass made by Corning Employees

Apple iPhone gorilla glassApple could be regarded as a very good company in terms of saving its secrets. But this time it seems that the vendor based on Cupertino  ‘could not bear’ to leak a secret to the public. What is it? It was none other than its relationship with Corning, a company known for it’s a product called Gorilla Glass.

Although Apple has never recognized that Cornng as one of partner suppliers, but sources at the  Engadget site suspect that Apple persumably has requested that the creator of Gorilla Glass for Apple iPhone.

Finally, the secret was revealed thanks to a sentence which is also mentioned in Apple’s official web page. Where it recognizes that Corning employees who make the most of the glass for the Apple iPhone smartphone.

“Corning employees in Kentucky and New York who create the majority of the glass for the Apple iPhone.” a written statement on the official website of Apple.

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