5-Inch Cell Phone With 1080p Resolutions Made by Lenovo Will Support Dual-SIM ?

lenovo 5-Inch Cell Phone With 1080p

More and more ordinary it seems if the upcoming flagship smartphone comes with a wider screen resolutions also plus big enough up to 1080p.

Started by the HTC with its superior smartphones Droid DNA and J Butterfly, now a number of other vendors are also ready to release 5-inch cell phone with 1080p resolutions, one of which is Lenovo.

Even more interesting than the other candidates, Lenovo’s flagship smartphone beside will come with a 5-inch screen display with 1080p resolution, strongly suspected that the smartphone will also support dual-SIM feature. It is at least indicated from above screenshot that shows the smartphone is connected with two leading operator in China networks simultaneously.

In detail it is still not known exactly how bigger the Lenovo smartphone screen size is still mysterious. Just based on confession  sources from Engadget that obtained a ‘leak’ from the people that familiar with that matter, it said that the smartphone’s screen size is between 4.5 – 5.5 inches. This smartphone is also expected to be officially announced in China on a short time.

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