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Recover Deleted Files on Android without Root Easily

Recover Deleted Files on Android without Root copy

In our modern days, all of you surely have Android smartphone. This will also allows you to accidentally delete some files in your mobile phone. Then how to recover deleted files on android without root ? There are some...

How to Find Great Gadgets for Cheap online


We live lives where almost each and every action is associated with a kind of gadget which range from menial tasks like making coffee or recycling of garbage. There is no denying that our lives so entwined with the...

How to Choose the Right Shutter Speed


For camera lovers, this is an infographic for you about to choose the right shutter speed Source: Around the Web:iPhone 6About Smartphone

How to Fix Damaged Memory Card (MMC) on Android

How to Fix Damaged Memory Card

The memory card is classified as perishable goods, the damage that’s meant on here is the system files damage not physically. The damage level of memory card is pretty variate. Sometimes it’s unreadable by android device, different capacity from its...

How to Upgrade Your LG Optimus Black P970 to Android Jelly Bean Using the AOKP Custom ROM

LG Optimus Black Android Jelly Bean update

If you are a LG Optimus Black P970 owner then you might be interested in how to experience the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean sensation on your device. Despite the fact that this isn’t an official ROM you will still...

First Aid For the Smartphone Exposed to Water

First Aid For the Smartphone Exposed to Water

First Aid For the Smartphone Exposed to Water is required to prevent more damage on your smartphone Many today’s Smartphones have the waterproof capability which characterized by IP67 certificate support. For example, the Sony Xperia Acro S, Motorola Defy...

10 Top Range Laptops to Fit Any Budget

10 top range laptops

In this generation of new technologies and innovations computers stand as a most essential aspect in everyone’s life. Every individual is having the Personal computer at their side which makes your work effortless and works with even more efficiency. ...

Six Great Tips and Tricks for the Galaxy S3

galaxy s3

Remember when the Galaxy S3 was first announced, everyone was so amazed at its great slim look, fast processor and fantastic display? Many of its innovative features were spoken about such as multi-tasking but there are many other features which somehow...

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