Lynny Lens – A New Creative Effects Tilt Shift Lens – A Lensbaby Muse/Spark/Composer Alternative

The Lynny is a creative effects SLR camera tilt shift lens. If you know what a Lensbaby lens is, then you should understand what the Lynny Lens is about.

You tilt the Lynny around in all angles, and squeeze it to focus. Tilting it around gives this really artistic zooming explosion blurring on the opposite side of which you tilt it towards. And when the lens is centered straight, depending on the aperture opening size, there is a softer blurring around the edges.

The Lynny is a great cheap alternative to Canon and Nikon tilt shift lenses and a great cheap alternative to lensbaby lenses.

It’s great in comparison the Lensbaby Muse, Lensbaby Spark, and Lensbaby Composer. It’s a great lensbaby alternative, and a great cheap tilt shift lens alternative.

It’s highly customizable, by using 37mm threads on the front to allow screwing of lenses and accessories, for example, a wide angle lens, a macro extension tube or macro lenses/filters, and a telephoto lens add on.

A few things that makes this lens different from most lenses, is one, it’s universal, a one-lens-fits-all system, by using adapters. You just get an adapter (from the Lynny Lens store) and screw it on.

Another thing is it’s believed to be the only lens in the world made of all rubber, (besides the internal parts like the lenses and the metal mount at the bottom). The rubber being there is how you are able to squeeze it to tilt and focus.

It’s also believed to be the only lens in the world that tilts and functions the way this one does. It has a concave section in the middle which is hollow, so it allows it to be squeezed and tilted, so the concave section collapses in. This is another reason which makes it a great cheap tilt shift lens alternative. You can spend a great amount of money on a Nikon tilt shift lens or a Canon tilt shift lens, or even a lensbaby lens setup, but the $75 price of the Lynny makes it the perfect cheap tilt shift lens and cheap lensbaby alternative.

Its focal length is 85mm, and it has an aperture of about f/1.4

You can see the website at

You can also see photos below and at

And you can check out the Lynny product page at

What are you waiting for? I really think you should give this lens a view, and try one out. At only $75, it’s one of those things that you won’t regret spending the money on, and the excitement this lens gives you will make photography so much more enjoyable.

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