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Swing Shot

Swing Shot Review

This game seems have a chance to become one of your favorite games. The reason is quite simple, the Swing Shot concept is different from other casual games. If you look at the game play that is shown, the character on this game is using a catapult or throw the object or character itself as is done by phenomenal game Angry Birds. However, there is unique part of this game that you should try.

Core Story in the swing shot game is pretty simple, which is preceded by an evil wizard that destroyed the peace forest with smoke evil spell which resulted in some animals turn out to be evil and the animals that survived had to try hard to stay on top of the tree to avoid the smoke. Here is the beginning of the war begins, where the evil against the good trying hard to bring down each other.

The uniqueness in Swing Shot lies in items, animals, as well as defense. There is quite variety of weapons, from the stone, boomerang, until the hive bee. For each animals, each have different specialties, like the basic monkeys, swift raccoon, bears sniper, one-shot-one-kill sloths, and the all-powerful supporter, panda. And the other interesting point lies in the flexibility to upgrade your defenses which are not easily broken to knock your animal warriors.

Swing Shot Video

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Developer: Com2Us
OS Supported: Android ver 2.2 or later, iOS 4.3 or later
Price: Free
File Size : 33MB for Android, 40.3 MB for iOS
Download link: Android | iOS 

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