Jaws Revenge, Become a Shark as Human Predators

Jaws Revenge

Jaws Revenge Review

Jaws is a movie about a shark predators that are very famous in the year 80’s. Until the fourth sequel titled Jaws Revenge, this film has made millions audience hysterical around the world and inspired other animals monster movies. Not only in the film world, the success of Jaws sequel has stimulated iOS game developers to create games with the same title. The sequel to last Jaws game is also has same title as the fourth Jaws films: Jaws Revenge.

You will play as sharks, as human predators and intimidate Amity island, devastated coastal joy into pools of blood. You will eat any living thing which is in front of you. No matter the divers, beach viewers lovers, and even sea birds can also killed by you with a deadly leap.

You can play this game on your Android and iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone or iPod. Consists of 4 types of environments with 40 levels. There is a terrible option where you can change the shark teeth size become bigger, thicker skin and more sadistic, transformed into a MEGA SHARK! To reach that level, you have to meet a certain quota of points.

Somewhat sadistic making it less suitable to be played by children. But with the presented tensions, it is not likely you will continue to devour human beings around you!

Jaws Revenge Video

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Developer: Fuse Powered Inc
OS Supported: Android ver 2.2 and up, iPhone 3GS and up
Price: Free
File Size : 24 MB for Android, 23.9 MB for iOS
Download link: Android | iOS 

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