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GCloud Backup

G Cloud Backup Review

Do you use Smartphone? Have you ever lost or damaged your device? How about your important data? Different with previous generation of mobile phone, Smartphone feature advanced technologies allowing user to store any important data. These phones are sometimes compared to personal handheld computing devices. Like a personal computer, with more advanced features and connectivity options, these phones will save many personal data of the users. Losing you device means that you also lose your important, valuable and private data.

In fact, there is totally over $ 30 Billion worth of Smartphone that are lost every year in the United States. And the more intriguing fact is every three seconds US citizens lose their device. Can you imagine how much data stored on these lost devices? Moreover with hardware failure that causes very high rate of data loss.

If you are an android user, never worry about losing your device again! G Cloud Backup will be your best partner. Different with other backup applications, G Cloud Backup is very simple. Within 3 minutes you can finish installing G Cloud Backup with your android phone’s contents backed up. Seriously, no special requirements, rooting, and user intervention needed!

Here I’m talking apps, call logs, music, pictures, videos, contacts, all your messages, documents, everything! You don’t need to install more than one application if you want to protect entire data on your device.  G Cloud Backup provides a lifetime 1 GB free storage for subscribed user and offers 10 GB of storage for $0.99 per month. G Cloud Backup stores all of your data, it is a reliable software because your data will be safe and secure in AES encrypted servers.

But, only for backup apps feature, it can’t be done now because the developers still working on that feature and will be add it for the upcoming version of G Cloud Backup. However, you have to rooted your Android device in order to run backup apps feature.

You can set the time when G Cloud Backup will back up your data, as well the connection options. It can brilliantly run only on Wi-Fi connection and sufficient battery life, so you will not worry about 3G usage and battery draining.

In sum, this is an easiest cloud storage backup app that I have ever used. Are any of you out there using G Cloud Backup on your android phone?, if you like, you can download G Cloud Backup here

G Cloud Backup Update

There are new enhancements on G Cloud Backup including;

  • The ability to earn up to 8 GB free space
  • Web viewer  feature; easily browse messages, images, contacts, call logs, simply everything
  • Multiple device support; easily connect unlimited devices (tablets and phones) with the same G Cloud account.
  • The ability to only backup camera photos and videos
  • Enhanced scheduling
  • New Battery saving mode
  • Added more files extension support
  • New interface

G Cloud Backup Video

G Cloud Backup
Developer: Genie9
OS Supported: Android ver 2.2 – 4.0
Download: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.genie9.gcloudbackup
Price: Free
File Size : 1.7MB


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