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Du Battery Saver is an android application that makes the battery on your smartphone or device with Android operating system last longer up to 50 percent more battery life. This application work with simplest way to keep your smartphone or device working when you need it and protect against poor battery charging, power hogging apps, and overclocked settings which makes shorten the battery life.

Du Battery Saver is free to download on google play store. This application is developed by Dianxzt, the version of logo quiz when this article is written is 2 and has been updated on June 21st, 2013. Here is the detail of this battery saver Android application, Du Battery Saver

Features of Du Battery Saver 2 

“The Most advanced battery saver ever”

  • Easy to use – increase Android smartphone or device battery life up to 50%
  • Simple – use smart pre-set modes or create your own to get high performance and great savings
  • Convenient – “Optimize” desktop widget stops power-consuming background apps with the one-touch
  • Fast – Instantly find power problems with the “Optimize” button
  • Effective – Protect your battery with healthy charging to extend its useful life
  • Adapts to You – Automatically save battery with Smart Power settings (PRO upgrade).

Powerful Free Features:

  • ACCURATE STATUS – Smart technology helps you know exactly how much charge you’ve got left with detailed analysis of apps AND hardware (CPU, display, sensors, WiFi, radio, etc.).
  • SMART PRE-SET MODES – Choose mode that fits your usage, or customize to find the right balance of battery life and performance.
  • General Mode – Save power even while keeping most services running.
  • Long Standby- Keeps dialing and SMSavailable while maximizing standby time.
  • Sleep Mode – Turns off most services EXCEPT THE CLOCK to extend battery life until morning.
  • Custom Mode – Create your own mode to get exactly the savings you need.
  • ONE-CLICK OPTIMIZE – Instantly discover and fix power-consumption problems and unlock detailed settings to super-tune your savings.
  • ANYTIME OPTIMIZATION – Shut down background apps easily and safely with a simple desktop widget.
  • BETTER BATTERY DETAILS – Show power level by % or time remaining, automatically turns RED when below 20%.
  • HEALTHY CHARGE MANAGER – Track and implement healthy charging practices to keep your battery working its best.

Pro Features


  • Automatically switch saving modes based on your preferences.
  • Battery Level – Switch to Long Standby when the charge reaches a specific level.
  • Time Schedule – Switch to any preset mode based on time of day.


  • Automatically shuts down power-draining apps that run in the background.
  • Set an Auto-Clear schedule at any interval you choose.
  • Protect important apps from auto-clear by adding them to the Ignore List.

CPU FREQUENCY (Root devices): Save even more power by reducingthe speed of your phone’s processor when the screen locks.

Du Battery Saver SS

Du Battery Saver


Developer: DIANXZT
OS Supported: Varies with devices
Price: Free, upgrade $ 2.99 USD
File Size: Varies with devices


Download Free Du Battery Saver 2 

If you are interested to download Du Battery Saver version 2, you can download free via google play. Please follow the link below:
Du Battery Saver 2 

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