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Bada Operating System

Bada OS

Bada OS Overview Bada OS is the operating system developed by Samsung Electronics that are used for low end cell phones and smartphones. Bada name itself comes from the Korean language, which means sea or ocean inside. The first time Samsung...

Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL Android Smartphone With Clear LCD

Samsung Galaxy SL

Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL Overview Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL fairly similar to its predecessor, but it has a longer and thicker design than the Galaxy S i9000. Although using the same material, Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL feels more solid and...

This is the Computers Tablet for Babies and Children

the computer tablet

The Computers Tablet for Babies and Children has a good desaign with superb specifications. Gadgetenthusiast – Having a computer tablets as supporting the work of parents as well as for the children may be a challenge since they are not...

Mango Windows Phone is Ready to Released and Fight

mango windows phone

Mango Windows Phone is ready to release, it has some features and improvements that can be useful for the user Gadgetenthusiast – Mango  operating system seems ready to released and fight at the end of this year. As revealed by...

Malware on Android Now Able to Record User Conversations ?

Malware on Android

Malware on Android has a bad effect, because it can  damage and collect the data from Your Android Cellphone Gadgetenthusiast – Malware that fondle the Android operating system was ever heard before. Several of its effect from malware on android is quite stratified, ranging from the most severe, no damage, and there...

Benchmark Results and Some HTC Vigor Specifications Revealed

HTC Vigor

HTC Vigor the mysterious HTC cell phone which last time it was known use unfolding 6MP camera will be equipped with high specification. Gadgetenthusiast – Candidates for a new weapon in the HTC smartphone  market competition arena revealed again. Smartphone mentioned as the HTC Vigor appear and reveal some...

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